Monday, 30 August 2010


So, been a long time since my last blog post. Not been hiding from the paparazzi after my magazine cover appearance, been stupidly busy at work.

Which all happened just after I got a book on Kanban after a recommendation on Gojko's blog. It was a good book, cant go wrong with a book that recommends the use of professional testers.
There was also an emphasis on creating slack and since reading that I've had a good lesson in how useful slack can be. Or to be more accurate, how bad not having slack time can be

The first issue of The Testing Planet was published - great work from Rosie and Rob Lambert to put it together but a tinge of regret that I was unable to help out.

This weekend I managed to catch up on some blog reading and one of the first I read was Selena Delesie on supporting the testing community which gave me more guilt feelings. I still manage to keep an eye on and moderate the STC site but been a while since I started or joined in the discussions

And more guilt when I read the latest blog from Alan Page - Will we survive the future of software? as he tries to figure out the future of testing. Hard to figure out a better way when you're knee deep in the same old brown stuff

Light at the end of the tunnel though and the thriving test community out there is a big help. Here's hoping I can get back to more involvement in it, I've missed it a lot.