Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Oooo, how many ?

It's been awhile since my last post, busy settling into my new job and country so as a quick stop gap before I start posting fully again, I present my latest bug in the wild find - see pic above. Maybe quite appropriate that it was on the software test pro website but I didn't get too excited about the chance to get undefined points

Saturday, 4 August 2012

You can bank on it

One of the big news items this week has been the error at Knight Capital that cost them $440 million

James Christie also recently had a great blog post rant about an error at the Nationwide Building Society.

So I'll jump on the bandwagon and add the mistakes that I keep finding in my banks website - well, the bank that I used to use in England that I'm still maintaining.

Trying to transfer money around has been a tale of woe, then it seemed to have got fixed but trying it again this weekend unearthed more errors.

It should have been simple, all I wanted to do was transfer a balance from a credit card into my account.
Entered the information and got the message that the information was incorrect. No clues as to which bit of information was incorrect - not that any of it appeared to be. It was as simple as you could get - name of card organisation, name on card, card number, amount.
Seems not

Trying to get more info on what the error might be, there were a few help symbols on the page - clicking on one of them brought the page shown above.

Oh dear

'the portlet has not been configured'

I see.

They cant even get a HELP WINDOW to work, does that give me confidence that they can handle MONEY ????