Thursday, 5 February 2009

5 Questions For Lisa Crispin

I've had a great response to the questions I've sent out so next up is Lisa Crispin.

Gives me a chance to plug her latest book - my copy is still sitting on the bookshelf waiting to be read but I'm pretty sure it will soon be as dog-eared as Testing Extreme Programming is.

1. Why did you start blogging and what were you hoping to get out of it ?
( and have you got what you hoped for ? )

I started blogging for several reasons:
1) seems to be the thing to do, everyone is doing it
2) I always have something to say ;->
3) "build my brand", hoping to promote the book and also get speaking/training gigs in interesting places

2. What have you learned from doing your blog ?

Writing about something often generates new ideas or realizations in my own head, that I can use. I've also learned different viewpoints from the comments. Of course you get that from posting on a list like agile-testing also, but I post things to the blog that I wouldn't necessarily post on agile-testing.

3. Do you track your visitors - if so, any unusual searches to find your blog ?

No, I haven't had time to figure out how to do that! I am pretty internet-impaired.

4. Do you have a favourite post that you have written ?

I re-posted something I had entered about managing technical debt in response to a posting on agile-testing, because Brian Marick complimented it! ;-> I like it when I can give real examples from my own team.

5. Any advice to new bloggers ?

It feels a lot of the time like nobody is reading what I say (and who has time? It's hard for me to keep up with other peoples' blogs). But it doesn't matter, because the act of writing and organizing my thoughts is valuable, and I can always hope that what I had to say will give other people ideas or encouragement.

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