Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Grail Test

One small comment from yours truly about the Holy Grail seems to have led to a few discussions and at least one blog post

It was a phrase that I happened to come across during some surfing, my first reaction was to dismiss it as marketing bumf but then led me to think about whether there was a Holy Grail of testing

A quick Google search reveals lots of discussions about the Holy Grail of S/W Development ranging from real-time feedback, simplicity, Software Factories, Software Reuse, “getting to zero” defects and security vulnerabilities and the ultimate - a level 5 score in SEI evaluations

So if the software developers cant agree on what their Holy Grail is, how can us testers test to see if they have it ?


Lisa said...

Is the Holy Grail something we want but can never achieve? Because nobody really ever found it, except maybe Monty Python?
I'd rather focus on something we can achieve. If we're talking about the ultimate goal, then to me, it is that I and each of my team members is allowed to do our best work.

ahy said...

Even if developers could agree on a Holy Grail, would that necessarily be something we'd be interested in testing for?