Thursday, 20 November 2008

Presentation, presentation, presentation

Gave a quick 5 minute presentation at the monthly company meeting which is a great opportunity to practice presenting skills in front of a friendly audience.

I borrowed the idea of "how many points in a 5 point star" fromGojko Adzic ( who in turn got it from Jerry Weinberg's book Exploring Requirements:
Quality Before Design
) and used it to demonstrate how hard it is to get requirements right
( The answers I got were 5 and 10, no strange values like 11 or 15 as Gojko got )

The presentation seemed to go well, I avoided Death By Powerpoint ( Presentation Zen has given me some good ideas as has sitting through many deathly dull ones ) but I got the ending wrong by ending with a question.
Which got no response

I should have taken the advice of an Open University lecturer on my Management Challenge weekend. He did some amateur dramatics so had a lot of tips and tricks for improving presentations and he said that one guaranteed way to get applause when you end was to wait 5 seconds and then do a rising three's phrase. The classic example of this was Tony Blair and "Education, Education, Education"
I should have finished with "Requirements, Requirements, Requirements"

But good learning for next time...

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