Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Look Back

That time of year when you look back ( and forward )

Highlights of 2008 for me

Got Married

Daughter graduates from uni and gets herself a cool job

Found out I had a hidden talent at doing presentations - done several at my company's monthly meetings which have been very well received

Became a moderator of the Software Testing Club which has now grown to over 2000 members. Got used to deleting posts every day asking for ISTQB sample papers

Been accepted as a delegate to Software Craftsmanship 2009

Met Gojko Azdic after a talk at SkillsMatter, looking forward to reading his new book on Agile Acceptance Testing

Started an OU course on Management which has started to open my eyes on what management is about

Jerry Weinberg wrote a new book on testing

Added far too many blogs to my blog reader

Printed out far too many pages to read

Bookmarked too many sites for me to never refer to again

Started using Twitter and found like many others that it can be useful

Started blogging again - thanks to everyone who reads it, has linked to it and left comments

1 comment:

Joel Montvelisky said...

Hey Phil!

Looks like you had a pretty good year.

BIG CONGRATS on the "Got Married" section :o)

Keep it up (specially the "Started blogging again")