Monday, 12 January 2009

Pesky Foreign Accents

Over on the uTest blog there's a list of some of the high profile bugs that have been in the news recently. There's also plenty of minor bugs around that aren't going to make the news.

Saturday night I switched TV channels to Sky Sports to watch the Spanish football, hit the Info button on the remote to find out who was playing and found out that one of the teams was apparently Deportivo de La Coru204321a

The team is actually Deportivo de La Coruña, seems there was some problem with the ' ñ ' character

Maybe I should subscribe to the foreign film channel to see if there are any other problems, purely in the cause of research of course...

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Paul E Davis said...

Looks like the old double encoding issue. The enyay in UTF-8 take 2 bytes, they were probably each interpreted as ISO-8859 characters and then re-encoded as UTF-8 now taking up 4 bytes.

Encoding problems are always interesting to debug. Getting multiple platforms to work together (and all do the right thing) are always a challenge.