Saturday, 12 December 2009

497 to read

After a long absence from blogging due to work being totally manic, I find that I have 497 feeds on my blog reader to be read

so another absence from blogging as I catch up with reading them all

and catching up with the work I'm meant to be doing for the upcoming STC magazine

Lots of lessons learned the last few weeks - roll on the long Xmas break when I can blog about them


Markus Gärtner said...

One strategy I use at work with a large inbox full of unread mails:
Mark them all read and get informed by the nearest persons.

Saved myself a lot of time. Consciously selecting what to read and what not, might also free some more time. :)

Philk said...

yeh, this could be a good time to start culling my feed and find out which blogs I really really do read

Simon Morley said...

I have to be careful to stop myself slipping into a "Four Yorkshiremen" type of comment: Oh I'd love to have only 497 unread, luxury... ;-)

The struggle for "inbox zero" is interesting! I certainly haven't mastered it! Are you checking email in the bathroom to avoid information overload?

Konstantin said...

Hey Phil,

Just came to your post on reviewing the list of almost 800 posts gathered in my reader after my recent vacation. I feel your pain. :(

Have a happy and lucky new year!