Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Farmerror Giles

Farmville is the latest craze on Facebook and has 350 million users

The game itself is a fertile ground for bugs - see the above image for the latest.
Often the game is updated and there are problems, can be slow to load, infuriates people - and yet read those numbers again
200 billion page views a month. 350 million users clock in 200 billion page views.

why bother going for zero defects when you have this many users ?

now pardon me, I have some tomatoes to harvest...


Joe said...

I think I'm missing something here. What is the bug that your image shows?

Philk said...

The message box is full of placeholder text rather than the message itself

Joe said...

Got it!

I'm not facebook fluent, nor a game player.

So I thought you were in the middle of building your facebook page/wall/whatever-they-call-it, and this was a prompt for you to enter your text.

eda said...