Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Redheads cant count

Went to Testy Redheads blog to read her article about Learning Python, checked the archive to see if there were other posts and found her blog couldn't count

The archive for February indicates there are 3 articles but only lists 2

The archive for January indicates there are 7 articles but lists 8


TestyRedhead said...

I wish I was the person who couldn't count. I didn't make my blog template, though. I'll have to check it out and see if I can edit it. It seems to be way more than one off though.

Think of the failure to count as yet another sign that you get what you pay for sometimes. If you use a free template it often won't work as expected. We accept this more and more online each day, yet I think about the demise of MySpace and realized that the biggest competition wasn't even a factor. It was just that Facebook got more momentum.

I need to make a page with constant links to all of my technical papers and articles as well. It's very likely that not only will I not learn to count, but I'll solve the problem with another free template instead of learning the root cause.

I also can't tell time (duration) too well in Python. Had to get help changing seconds to hours and minutes correctly. It seems really simple, but if you want to it is possible to really over complicate it and convert multiple times.

Philk said...

"free blog template has bugs in it" wasn't such a catchy headline