Sunday, 18 April 2010

London TesterGathering April

After too long a break it was good to be going to another London Tester Gathering

Lots of people there - was it the charisma of Tony Bruce, an interest in MS Visual Studio 2010 or the chance of free drinks courtesy of MS ?
Either way it was a good evening, a chance to chat to the Evil Tester, put some faces to names of people I follow on Twitter and meet some new people.

Stephen Allot kicked things off with a talk on the online testing community, sadly he did not give the Software Testing Club a big a plug as he should have done but I'll forgive him as he was doing an auction for a good cause.

MS then gave a talk and brief demo on Visual Studio 2010 and how it was useful for testers. Seemed to have some cool features and could be worth a more in-depth look. They kept stressing how it would be easy to report bugs so the dev would always believe the tester as the evidence would be right there, is this old dev-tester at war still really an issue ?

Free MS screwdrivers were given out as well as some MS silly putty and then it was networking time. I made sure the MS marketer was aware of the STC and then sadly had to go

Next session is provisionally May 12 and Michael Bolton might be a special guest - dependent on volcanic activity I suppose....


Rob said...

Hey Phil!

It's a shame I didn't get chatting to you at the meeting, I was the guy whop asked if there was a search feature in Test Manager.

It was an amazing attendance, the place was truly wedged! As ever, it was really good to meet with the fellow testers and share stories.

Hopefully see you at the next one.

- Rob

Tony Bruce said...

I think that my charisma would win over free drinks anyday of the week.

Philk said...

Rob - sorry I missed you, too many faces and I had to leave straight after

Tony - you deserve several rounds of free drinks for getting this going