Sunday, 20 February 2011

TWIST and Shout

Decided to make more of my commuting time on the train and download some testing podcasts. The TESTHEAD blog always has a good source of them so off I went.

The podcasts are actually on the STP site, having downloaded a few of the recent ones I noticed there were others such as Cem Kaner or Mark Crowther.

However, clicking the 'download podcast' link gave me the page shown at the top of this post.

Your Membership Level: Basic
Membership Level Required: Basic

Seems to match - where's my download ??

The smallprint on TESTHEAD's blog made it clear.

Each TWiST podcast is free for 30 days, but you have to be a basic member to access it. After 30 days, you have to have a Pro Membership to access it.

so there's the problem, the error message doesn't tell me that the required membership level is Pro.

Well, that was one problem...

On the list of podcasts if you choose one of the older links - eg Twist #16 Catherine Powell or Twist #15 Michael Larsen then you go straight to an error page that does correctly say that the membership level required is Pro.
However, that correctness is spoiled by there being another error message.

You must be logged in. Please log in or register for an complimentary or annual subsciption package.

Top right of the page shows my name and profile details so it knows I'm logged in.

That's one of the risks of running a website for testers, they're going to be all over any mistake they spot...

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