Tuesday, 4 October 2011

From acorns to skyscrapers

Just over 4 years ago I was member number 8 of the Software Testing Club - membership is now over 9500 and rapidly closing in on 10,000

I've posted 506 times to discussions, declined numerous request for memberships from lovely fun girls looking for love, been threatened with having a DOS attack on the site and been threatened with the involvement of lawyers after an argument with a member who thought the biggest thing in testing was going to be copyright laws.

Thanks to Rosie and Rob Lambert and Stephen Hill the site has gone from being just an online site to a site that has offered eBooks, posters and the fabulous newspaper, The Testing Planet.

It has also gone offline as well with STC meetups at London, Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol, Liverpool - and Winchester later this month.

and now it's going trans-Atlantic with the announcement that on November 10 there is a Chicago STC Meetup

From a twinkling in Rosie Sherry's eye to this - WOW.
I'm glad to have been part of it - and who knows what's next....

( well, Rosie and Rob and Stephen probably have lots of ideas for what's next !! )

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