Monday, 26 March 2012

Bish Bash Bosh

Friday March 23 was The Test Bash, the first conference organised by the Software Testing Club. Quite a momentous day for those of us involved in the site - 4 years after starting the STC it has its own regular newspaper, The Testing Planet, and has now organised and held its own mini-conference.

Rob Lambert has already done an excellent write up of his thoughts about the day, I'll try not to repeat him.

It was a nervous start to my day when I opened the curtains to find mist but the travel was fine and I arrived at the venue in good time to find Ministry of Testing Test Bash logos outside.

An international attendance - Markus from Germany, Huib Schoots from the Netherlands and Brindusa Gabur from Barcelona

It was a great day. Excellent speakers - see Markus Gartners site for blog posts.

Will Amazon see a spike in orders for 'The Art of Seduction' after the Evil ( Eeeevil ) Tester recommended seducing people into letting ET be used rather than selling it to them ?

Will managers and executives get a better picture of the quality of the product after testers implement some of the Visualising Quality ideas from David Evans ?

Quote of the day from Steve Green explaining that exploratory testing had a plan and structure - "Stanley and Livingstone didn't just pack sandwiches and charge into the jungle"

Thanks to Ranjit for being my first ever testing pair, something I need more practice at

Great to be able to meet so many people that I'd only known through Twitter.

Really great to finally meet Rosie Sherry 4 years after getting involved with the site.

Awesome to read the tweets from people enjoying the conference - and hearing the feedback afterwards that it had been an enjoyable day.

Cambridge seems a beautiful place, I'll have to try and get back there for a walk around

Lots to think about and a great day to look back on.


Rosie Sherry said...

Thanks for coming and great to finally meet! :)

4 years! Still can't get my head around it :)

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