Monday, 5 March 2012

Being active

A few posts ago I wrote about how people were doing testing practise after I started a thread on the STC

Today I found that Rob Lambert had turned a conversation I'd had into a No Test Case No Bug blog post which contains a great little video.
If you haven't see it, go there straight after you've finished reading this.

And after finding out that Markus Gartner was reading The Lean Startup book I asked if he would do a review when he'd finished - which he now has and has posted his thoughts

This week I'm going to be trying out Pomodairo after reading this post from TESTHEAD If I don't like it then I can try out the Procastinator tool from @alanpage

and I'll be trying to get through my book pile which grows ever higher thanks to recommendations I get from the community.

Of course if you're reading this then I'm preaching to the converted.
There's a lot to be gained from being an active part of the community

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Simon said...

Great to have people like yourself generating that community vibe Phil!