Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Putting the hours in

In January last year I started a thread on the STC about 100 hours of testing practice ( I had read Gladwells Outliers book and was going for a less ambitious 100 hours of practice and not 10,000 ).

The discussion proved to be popular and it's been amazing to see at least two people this year not only pick up on it but put it to practice.

First was Mark Crowther who blogged about it here and has been posting regular updates to the STC site. His practice is also giving me some practice and I was able to help him out with his problem of getting Ruby to print a £ character.

Then I found that a blogger named Arborosa had also read my post and was committing to doing 250 hours this year. He seems to have got off to a great start in January

It's going to be interesting following these two to see if they can keep it going for the year - and what they feel they have got out of it at the end.

And all from a post of mine - that's pretty awesome.
Anyone else doing it ?

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David Greenlees said...

I sometimes dream about software testing... Does that count?

Good on you for being an inspiration of sorts mate!