Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mr Pot meets Mr Kettle

In my mails today I got a newsletter from Electronics Weekly and it had a section that pointed me towards a blog that seemed interesting.

Made by Monkeys - Great Ideas, Bad Execution

Highly evolved engineers know it's always better to learn from somebody else's mistakes. Electronics Weekly's new Made by Monkeys Blog aims at helping you avoid bungling your own designs. But we won't just focus on what went wrong. We'll talk about what the monkeys that made this stuff could have done -- should have done-- to make their products better

Sounds promising although QA Hates You and Joe Strazzere with his Perhaps They Should Have Tested More have more than enough material.

Not wanting to miss out on this source of information I clicked on the 'Register for newsletter' link.
Oh dear, it took me to the Site Map page and a
'We are sorry but the page you are seeking was not found.'

Seems Electronics Weekly employs monkeys...and can I suggest they run a link checker to make sure their links are valid ?

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Mohinder said...

I had this happen to me more often than I would have expected. It was yesterday going through job advert on Jobsite,it displayed the site map followed by the job description. At first thought it looked weird. Tried it again with another job advert with the same response. Is this due to cookie not deleted or cache not cleared or site built by monkeys?