Monday, 5 August 2013


Garbage/Trash/Refuse - or just plain rubbish as I used to call it back in England.

Everyone has it and has to deal with it but the experience itself shouldn't be garbage.
Sadly it was....

Went to the internet site for the city to sign up for a trash barrel.
Problem #1 - I went there using Safari and got an alert popping up asking for a site certificate. It listed one, I selected it, press Continue - alert appeared again.

Switched to Chrome and was not asked about a certificate.
Signed up and received the confirmation email
Problem #2 - the email had my password in plain text

Logged in.
Problem #3 - the screen showed my name as Davis A Young.
That's not me - the rest of the account details were me but where was this name coming from?

onto problem #4
During sign up I'd chosen a 32 gallon refuse bin
The account details showed a 64 gallon one

Next step was to report some of these problems
Problem #5
The 'contact us' page had a bad alignment problem with the 'by fax' and 'by email' fields,
the labels were in the middle and right of the page with the information on the left.
Not pretty.

Problem #6
The banner at the top of the page had an image of trash barrels. Mouse over it and a tooltip appears with the text "Custom image centered on the banner, defined by the client"

Just because your business is garbage, no need to make your website reflect that

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