Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Starting off my list

Was CAST2013 really just a week ago? Seems way longer, just one week ago I was sitting listening to the Keynote and looking around and seeing a lot of online people who were now offline connections and new people that were becoming familiar faces.

So now that the conference is over, what happens next? Carry on as before and just have fond memories of a good time with great people in a cool city? ( and nightmares of Chicago traffic)

That would be a waste so I am taking the lessons learned listening to Eric Brickarp and his Making Learning My Top Priority session.

  • I have A Big Ass Idea
  • I have several Smaller Ass ideas which I need to breakdown into even smaller ones
  • And some really small ideas which I will try and follow through on

First one is one I've tried before - commenting on blog posts:
Every week find some blog posts and leave some feedback on them - "nice post" and "great read" is not allowed.

At the moment this is easy as there are several people ( old and new ) blogging about their experiences at CAST so I can read their blogs and either leave a question for them and/or think about what their experiences were and if they match mine ( and if not, why?)

One bonus of this is that as some of the bloggers are new it will hopefully encourage them to keep going if they know that what they are writing is being read.

A further bonus is that they are also likely to be at CAST2014 and if this online connection is maintained it will be like seeing old friends again.

If you want to play along then here's a selection:

Jason Coutu
Clint Hoagland
Eric Brickarp
Isaac Howard
Justin Rohrman
Alex Bantz


Rosie Sherry said...

Oooh, yay. More blogs. I wasn't aware of them all and have added them all to Testing Feeds - http://www.ministryoftesting.com/testing-feeds/

srinivas kadiyala said...

Thanks for sharing...

In total, how many speakers/attended the CAST 2013 ?

Srinivas Kadiyala

Lisa said...

I'm happy to meet more folks blogging about testing! But a bit disappointed to see they appear to all be men? We need more women blogging too!