Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Cabbages and Kings

On the BA site, if you decide to register then you are presented with a plethora of options for the title you can choose from
Admiral, Air Vice Marshal, Crown Prince, Her Majesty, His Holiness, Marquis, President...

Now I don't mix in such circles but I'm finding it hard to picture a Crown Princess logging in and entering her email address and choosing a password. Perhaps they do, if anyone can enlighten me then please do so.

It did make me wonder where the list came from - was it really a spec to have all of these or was it the developers adding some gold plating ? Or having a joke ?

There's no consistency between the airline sites, the Crown Princess wouldn't be able to use her title on the American Airlines site but AA does offer the options of Speaker and Swami which BA lacks. AA also offers a 'Eur Eng', BA offers a 'Eur Ing'

Just plain old Mr for me

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