Sunday, 3 August 2008

Community Service

No, I haven't been in trouble with the law and been sentenced to do some time serving the community.

I have been giving something back to the tester community and trying to repay the help I got when I was making the career change from developer to tester.

I'm now helping Rosie Sherry with the Software Testing Club, it has been running for a while and recently the numbers have been increasing rapidly so she needed some help. I try to keep the signal to noise ratio high and make sure the request for ISEB materials and one line vague general questions dont get in the way of interesting discussions.

The Club also has a group on LinkedIn and this has a regular supply of new members that need approving with the occasional spammer that needs removing.

It has made me wonder what all these tester are looking for though. Only a very small proportion of the members join in or start discussions - unless there's a free Fail Whale T-shirt to be won in which case everyone wants to join in.

Also met up with four London based testers via SQA Forums, nice to put faces to names and swap stories about bugs

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Lisa said...

Always nice to see people "giving back". Local user groups are a great resource. I see similar behavior in ours - attendance is always high, but testers tend to be a bit passive compared to user groups with more programmers.