Thursday, 31 July 2008

Test Manager Forum Meeting

Went to the Test Management Forum the other day and enjoyed it.

Guest speaker was James Whittaker, very entertaining speaker with examples of bugs in the wild, how he became the top cheater on X-Box games and running through Bill Gates's house to test it.

He also outlined Microsofts vision of the future and how testing fitted into that vision, hopefully he will be putting more details onto his blog.

I got him to sign my copy of How to Break Software, next stop is EBay...

This was followed by a workshop on multi-vendor testing with special regard to PCI and the TJX credit card loss.

Paul Gerrard then raced through his Test Axioms in a Presentation Zen style

The drinks breaks were a good chance to network and I got to meet Ben Hall who I had been emailing and Twittering with for a while, always nice to put a face to a name.

Also met the recruiter who got me my job with Acutest and a chance for me to say 'thanks'

and of course it wouldn't be a meeting full of testers if a bug hadn't shown it's head, when trying to show a video up popped a message to tell us all that Windows Media Player had stopped working

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