Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Dilbertmeter ?

I'm glad my programming days are over if my productivity is going to be measured by programs like Programeter

I'd love to know if their measurement of comment density actually measures whether the comment is useful

# Adds 1 to i
i = i + 1

and whether

# This
# is
# a
# comment

gets a higher score than

# This is a comment

I'd also like to know if it can cope with negative numbers as related in this tale from 1982

Worryingly it seems to be a finalist in some CEO awards

I suppose if it proves successful then we can look forward to Testmeter and Managemeter and if software is an art then maybe it's a good thing there was never a Renaissancemeter - "not enough brush strokes, Leonardo! ", "inefficient use of the chisel, Michelangelo"


Tony Bruce said...

Tony Bruce said...

Speaking of Testmeter; we have an 'Escalations' team who test patches/quick fixes by Dev before they are sent out to the customer. Apparently management are now trying to gather stats on how long a tester takes per patch/quick fix. It's been explained that this is pretty much impossible to gather stats on but they are going ahead with it (apparently).