Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Suckered in

With a sensationalist headline of Testing is overrated this blog entry had to be read but really it should have been called Unit Tests Are A Good Thing But Are Not A Silver Bullet And Testing Is A Good Thing To Do Really HaHa Thanks For Visiting

Usability testers will probably be choking when they read that their jobs can be done by reading the online chapters of Dont Make Me Think and using a $20 tool ( any choking usability testers care to comment on this ? )

His conclusion is that unit testing has become popular because most shops can't hire a proper QA person and hope devs can write their own tests - but he doesn't answer the question of WHY these shops wont hire one

Well, I do have a clue why from the last place I worked - it had the ethos of 'anyone can test' and the CEO was seriously thinking of sacking all the programmers because they kept writing code with bugs in it...

And he ends his article listing all the testing techniques that should be used - so testing is hardly overrated. I hope his presentation is better than his blog

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