Monday, 15 September 2008

Impatient to learn

On the SCRUM mailing list I read about a new book that was in progress -
" Succeeding with Agile: Getting Started and Getting Good " by Mike Cohn

Went to the books website and was disappointed to read that

“The publisher has announced a publication date of June 4, 2018

That’s 10 years away, doesn’t seem very agile to me...

I’ve also been disappointed with another book - the latest one from Jerry Weinberg

Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing

I have had it on pre-order with Amazon for ages. Seems people who were at the CAST conference were able to get their hands on a copy but I'm still waiting and waiting and waiting...

Hopefully Lisa Crispin's next book on Agile testing wont run into any difficulties

Good thing there's plenty of blogs to read

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Gerald M. Weinberg said...

I'm sorry you haven't been able to get your copy of PERFECT SOFTWARE.

The rate the initial printing sold out surprised everybody. I didn't even get a copy for myself.

I'll contact Dorset House and urge them to fill your order as quickly as possible, but it it's going to the UK and via amazon, it might take longer than we would like.

I only hope you'll find it worth waiting for.