Friday, 19 September 2008

Test Like A Pirate

To mark Talk Like A Pirate Day I could drink some grog, make some developers walk the plank and say arrrrrhh a lot...

Or I could remind people about the The Pirate Heuristic - "when you run out of ideas - steal someone else's"

Then I found that I couldn't make developers walk the plank as some of them do Pirate Testing themselves

Didn't find any "testers are like pirates because..." analogies to add to my testing cliches list
Any ideas ?


Michael said...

Test Booty!!

That treasure and self satisfaction you can find from a job well done.

Michele Smith said...

Travel the same "high seas" as the developers, hoist up the flag when they don't suspect what you are up to. Test outside the boundaries, rebel against what they believe the land-lovers (customers) would do. Plunder the software and cause developers to want to walk the plank. And split the "booty" (share knowledge) with your fellow pirates.