Friday, 13 February 2009

5 Questions For James Whittaker

Another James is next up to answer my questions - James Whittaker.
Author of How to break software, How to break web software and How to break software security
( luckily more work has gone into the content of the books than their titles... )

Currently the Architect for Visual Studio Team System – Test Edition, Chair of the Quality and Testing Experts Community at Microsoft he has had a long long career in testing

His blog is never short of thought provoking posts ( especially his 'future of software testing' series ) and if you ever get the chance to hear him speak, do so

( and if you want him to answer any questions then calling him 'a big cheese of the testing world' helps )

1. Why did you start blogging and what were you hoping to get out of it ?
( and have you got what you hoped for ? )

Because I answer questions all the time (apparently the ruse that I am smart and have something important to say is working) and now I have a free place to point people to more information besides my books (which they have to buy).

2. What have you learned from doing your blog ?

That it is a great way to stir controversy and debate. I've gotten in trouble for some of my posts so I get to learn about other's sensitivities and hot buttons. I also get feedback on what topics are hot and which ones bore people to tears. Nothing like feedback whether it is good or bad.

3. Do you track your visitors - if so, any unusual searches to find your blog ?

No, Microsoft only keeps stats on traffic, nothing specific. Apparently mine is doing pretty good and my boss seems to like that.

4. Do you have a favourite post that you have written ?

I like writing nonsense so these posts are my personal favorites: The one that readers like the best is why our software sucks but I think that's just because people like the word 'sucks.'

5. Any advice to new bloggers ?

Be relevant first, entertaining second. If you can do both simultaneously, you're golden.

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