Monday, 2 February 2009

One More Task

Just over three years ago ( seems way longer ) when I was starting on my journey from developer to tester, I came across testingReflections, seemed to be a great site with useful information.

Lurked there for a while then started to leave a comment or two then started up a blog. Received a friendly welcome and good advice from people on there.

So it was really cool to get an email from Antony Marcano inviting me to become a moderator of the site because
" Asking you to consider taking some time out to be a moderator on is a symbol of my trust in you and your judgement.

I've got a lot out of the site over the years so to be able to give something back is great.

I wont be giving up moderating duties on The Software Testing Club ( which has been good moderating practice ) so plenty to keep me busy.

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