Friday, 27 March 2009

5 Questions For Jake Brake

Jake Brake is one of the grizzled veterans of the test/QA scene and can be found blogging here - thats if he ever has spare time from his moderating duties on SQA Forums and telling everyone tales about how he helped the Wright brothers develop an automated landing system for their plane...

1. Why did you start blogging and what were you hoping to get out of it ?
( and have you got what you hoped for ? )

I was asked by friends and acquaintances to consider blogging. I considered. I thought I could learn and help at least one person. I blogged. I continue. I get what I hope(d) for - learning and chances to help a comrade. I think I have helped at least one comrade. I now hope to help another. At least one person has helped me in return. An exchange of help such as that is very rewarding.

2. What have you learned from doing your blog ?

I have found that it is a good vehicle for adding to the diversity of the computing world.

3. Do you track your visitors - if so, any unusual searches to find your blog ?

I do not. I implemented a "free site counter" for about a year. That site either went under or was unaware of why one should performance test.

4. Do you have a favourite post that you have written ?

I have none specifically. I feel that any blog entry that helps someone a) laugh, b) learn, or c) give to the reader of any topic reason to share her/his learnings with me or others. I think any of the latter would qualify as a favo(u)rite.

5. Any advice to new bloggers ?

Be yourself. Read and ponder other blogs. From those other blogs and feedback to your own blog; calibrate yourself with learnings from other blogs.

6. What is your favoro(u)rite motto?

I added this as a boundary test to your question-count algorithm. If for some reason Phil, this shows up in your blog; you need to do more unit testing.
Favo(u)rite motto:

"Remember, you are responsible for the amount of excitement you create."

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