Monday, 13 July 2009

Google Aids Fishing Scam

And I really do mean 'fishing' and not 'phishing'

Thieves in Hull are thought to be using Google Earth to help them steal sought after fish from people's gardens.

Up to 12 cases of fish going missing have been reported during a three-week period, with many of those missing Koi carp, worth several hundred pounds each.

Police believe the online technology is being used as it would otherwise be impossible to locate gardens with fish and ponds in.

( story found here )

Wonder if anyone at Google Testing came up with that scenario when testing Google Earth....


Anonymous said...

Maybe they did but it got categorised as too wild to be realistic. I've had a few in the past where people have said it's too much of an edge case and then a customer has reported the issue when live.

Would be funny if they did actually have a test for it.

Step 1: Locate Fish Ponds on Google Earth
Step 2: Steal Fish

That's certainly a test you can't automate..


Paul said...

You forgot...
Step 3: Profit!

Anonymous said...

Grrr. I always forget the expected results.....