Thursday, 22 October 2009

The New Bill Gates ?

On the commute home the other night one of the free London papers had an article about Mark Zuckerberg with the title Facebook’s Boy Wonder: the new Bill Gates?

Maybe he is - carrying on with my research into social media and Web 2.0 I got the error message shown above on Facebook.
A quick Google on the error message led me to the Facebook Developers Forum and a thread all about a similar bug. First reported on 2008-09-05
Later in the thread is a plaintive request "Any chance of getting this bug fixed?" , later on "Any progress on this?" and "Any chance that this well ever be fixed? I see this about a third of the time when I post a new comment."

Later on that evening I found a bizarre bug where searching for "fish" returned an error page, searching for "fosh", "fishy", "fash" and "fush" all returned search pages. Worked fine on the wife's computer and on other peoples computers ( I posted a request on Facebook for other people to try a search for "fish" )

So, to summarise
Bugs that are not fixed for months and months
Random BSOF - Blank Search Of Fish

Maybe the headline had a point...

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Vishnu said...

The term "fish" is worked for me. This may user account basis issue.