Monday, 4 February 2013

Setting a good example

Cem Kaner.

You might have heard of him. I still consider myself lucky in that when I was thinking of becoming a tester one of the first books I read was "Testing Computer Software" written by Kaner, Falk and Nguyen

After reading that and getting excited and enthused and wanting to know more I got "Lessons Learned in Software Testing" - Kaner, Bach and Pettichord

A few years later I was watching Cem on video as I went through the AST BBST Foundations course.

A look on Wikipedia shows that Mr Kaner has had quite the career

So if he writes a blog post then I'm going to pay it some attention.

The content was great and gave me a lot to think about and how I could use some of the ideas.

But what struck me most on first reading was this:

Personally, I found this very instructive. I learned new ideas, gained new insights, stretched the bounds of what I see as high-volume test automation and learned about new contexts in which the overall family can be applied

One of the luminaries of the testing world still learning and stretching himself.
If this guy is still learning new ideas and gaining new insights is there any excuse for you to be complacent and think you know it all and that your testing couldn't be improved ?

Great way of setting a good example

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Keith Klain said...

Fair point, but most of that post from Cem fell into the "huh" or "so what" categories...strange indeed!