Friday, 1 February 2013

Surf and Get Inspired

I'm not one for doing a blog post that is a list of blog posts but today was a day when there seemed to be so many good ones written.

How could you not be inspired after reading this lot ?

Started off with Ilari Henrick publishing his Becoming A World Class Tester post on the Ebay tech blog. A really inspirational post - and not just because I helped review it.

Rob Lambert was up next with an awesome post about hiring testers with some excellent thoughts about the process they were following and how excellent testers stood out.

Markus Gārtner came into view next with a blog post about The Three Ages In Testing - Explore, Stabilize and Commoditize. It made sense to me and seemed a good way of looking at how testing changes as the project proceeds.

A new tester popped up with an interesting second blog post about robot testers aka zombie testers and his post, titled 'have you tried testing lately?' is a great questions to ask them.

And to finish a great day of blogs, TestHead wrote a cracker of a post What's the real value of a "liberal" education ? I've got bored of reading the blogs and articles and LinkedIn discussions of whether a tester should be able to code or not. This post was a shout out for a testers having a wide breadth of knowledge, to be philosophers, historians, thinkers. Just go read it. Now.

- and then go off and read all the others.

An inspirational day, thank you all the testers out there writing blogs.
Keep it going

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Rob Lambert said...

Thanks for the kind words Phil. It's always good to read about so many interesting thoughts on Testing, it's future and what it means to be a good tester.