Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Looking for something ?

Are you testing something that has a Search function ?

If so, have you tested it with reserved words ?
Reserved what ? Do you know if there any ? Do you know how your Search feature has been implemented ?

It might be built with Lucene for example - in which case, try not to get caught out like this, or this or maybe even this

Certainly some food for thought in those:

If you have a website that is for computer languages, can you search for C++ ?

If you are searching for names what happens if you use OR as a middle name ?

And from the last one:

"In Dutch, the word "OR" is important because it has a meaning for "Ondernemings Raad". It is used in many texts, and it needs to be found. For example "or" does work, but does not return texts matching the term "OR". How can I make it searchable? "

Have you been caught out when testing Search ?
Does your testing include reserved words ?
Will it now ?

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