Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Nametag Test

Last night I went to an AIMWest (the Interactive Association of West Michigan - so why isn't it IAMWest ?? ) to listen to a talk on entrepreneurship. community and family. A good chance to broaden my horizons and meet up with people who weren't Grand Rapids testers

As usual at these events, as you walked in you were given a nametag to put on with your name (duh) and company.

I had a couple of people look at my name badge, recognise the company name and tell me they knew it and what a great company it was.

So maybe that's a test for where you work now.
Are you proud to wear a badge with the company name on it ?
How do people react when they see the name - do they know it ?
If they do know it, what are their reactions ?


srinivas kadiyala said...

Which company u works for?

Phil said...

Atomic Object -