Saturday, 12 January 2013

Overcoming My Fear of Raspberry Jam

I've now started blogging for STP

I did this after reading this post from Matt Heusser, writing that he was a lone voice on there and asking for others to come along and help the community. So yeh, the 'C' word got me, it's something I like to do and a chance to reach others seemed a great opportunity.

This blog will keep going, I can keep this for the more personal and quirky stuff.

And I also regularly blog  for Atomic Object on their Atomic Spin site as this is part of the company values and mantras - everyone has to help with marketing and blog once a month.

I did wonder if I would be getting in trouble with The Law of Raspberry Jam:

the law that describes how any Great Message gets diluted when carried too far: 
"The wider you spread it, the thinner it gets."  

It's a valid concern but:
  • My STP and Atomic Spin blogs are not daily or even weekly blogs, I dont have to churn out daily content
  • I like writing, it makes me think
  • I like connecting with the test community, STP has a far wider reach than this blog
  • Now that I've moved to the US I no longer spend 3-4 hours a day commuting. and Atomic values a sustainable pace of work and aims which means I have more spare time
  • If I find I dont have anything to write about then that's a sign (to me) that something is wrong
That's the intention anyway, time will tell if the blogs posts will tail off like members at a gym...


Pete Walen said...

I quite like raspberry jam! Neither too thickly nor too thinly spread, unlike marmalade.

Phil said...

It's my favorite one

I shall try and come up with A Law of Marmalade, watch this space...