Tuesday, 1 January 2013

From Ruby to Watch City with a whistle - plans for 2013

Happy New Year to all and time to join in with the usual posts outlining plans for the year ahead...



Trying out an online course - Introduction to Databases from Stanford University.
I didn't pay too much attention to my DB course when I was at uni and as it was also a long time ago then it's time I had a refresher course

I've dabbled with these for a long time but I'd like to stop the dabbling and get more serious.
Resources I will be using:

Ruby on Rails tutorial book

Following along with a new series of blog posts by Jeff Nyman on Building Simple Web Apps with Ruby

The screencasts from Cheezy on using Ruby and Cucumber - and reading his book Cucumber and Cheese

Possibly doing the Selenium2 Webdriver basics course offered by Alan Richardson (@eviltester)

Test Design
Having completed the AST BBST Foundations ( blog post to come ) the next one in my sights is Test Design in April

Carry on moderating and growing the Software Testing Club - which is now 12,200 and counting

Keep trying to answer questions on QA Stack Exchange

Keep attending the monthly GR Testers Meetups

Now I am on the US side of The Big Pond then no excuses for not attending CAST 2103 in August in Madison, WI

Currently reading Impact Mapping and Tap into Mobile App Testing - finish these and post reviews on my blog

Already mentioned Cucumber and Cheese which I'll be reading as I learn Ruby and Cucumber

I really must finish Thinking Fast and Slow - though it's taken me so long that I should start again from the beginning

Thanks to a bug competition from Matt Heusser I have a copy of Quiet: The Power of Introverts which has been on my Wish List for a long time

This blog has been neglected the last few months - a move across The Pond and a new job is not a bad excuse but now that I've been here a few months I cant keep using it. I'm aiming to keep a regular series of posts and to keep connected with other bloggers

Away from testing I have a Grade 8 soccer referee class in January so that I can referee older age groups.

I'll be joining the crowd of people resolving to lose weight and get fit this year - but I do have goals to help me keep this going, one is being fit enough so that I can referee 8 games in a weekend and the second is so that I can finish the Warrior Dash in Michigan in September in a respectable time

I'm getting an interest in Steampunk so am thinking of going to some conventions - Denver at the end of March and Watch City in Massachussetts in May

That's the plan - let's see how it pans out....

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