Monday, 28 January 2013

It's Snow Trouble At All

My first winter in Michigan and the arrival of snow.

At the moment it's fun, there wasn't much snow in England and so it's still a novelty and it's been nice powdery snow that crunches underfoot. But it does mean that driveway and sidewalk have to be cleared.

We haven't gone hi-tech yet and got a snowblower and are using the old-fashioned shovel. Gets us some fresh air and works off the Xmas excess.

There hasn't been huge amounts of snow ( yet no jinx touch wood ) and we've kept on top if with regular shoveling so it hasn't been that hard.

Hmmm, somewhat like not letting the technical debt pile up or waiting until there's a huge pile of bugs.

Want to see what that looks like ?

( and yeh, guilty as charged for breaking my rule about I Hate "Testing Is Like..." posts )

1 comment:

Jesper L. Ottosen said...

You definately need some Snowplow testing - you find it on the shelf near the snakeoil.... :)