Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Varnishing Down Another Rabbit Hole

No, the title is not a misprint, I do mean Varnish and not Vanish.

One of the many cool things Atomic Object does is to get everyone to write a blog post once a month. Helps with marketing and the many benefits of writing a blog post have been been discussed many times so I wont repeat them here ( except to say "Do It" )

A recent post was about Varnish Cache, not something I knew much about though I had heard the name and vaguely knew what it was.

In the post it explains how it's possible for a desktop browser to receive the content meant for a mobile device ( and then explains how to configure Varnish so it wont happen )

Cue lightbulbs and another test idea to be added to my ever-growing list.
Sharing knowledge is great.

and the rabbit hole ?
I really should know more about caching...

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