Sunday, 12 April 2009

Directions to Cockfosters

I was reading a recent blog entry by Peter Nairn which was a cautionary tale about databases.

I got a bit confused when I read the sentence

"This is their data, spe******ed information that, quite frankly, we don’t claim to understand"

and thought the data was so secret that he had to censor it...

Then I realised that the word was 'specialised' and that the blog s/w had filtered out the letter sequence 'cialis'

As I still have an old blog account on SQA Blogs I tried out various words and found that although I could give someone directions to Cockfosters I couldn't give directions to a major town in Lincolnshire

A quick Google search gave me a list of common spam comment words and I wasn't the first person to wonder why valeofglamorganconservatives is on the list.

Maybe not what Peter Nairn expected me to learn from his blog but as a tester I had to follow my curiosity.

( and I wonder how this blog entry would look on SQA Blogs ? )


Peter said...

Try giving directions to Scunthorpe - that often gets trapped too.

I got caught when posting a message on a Chess site. I referred to a web site called - that got censored too!


Philk said...

Yes, that was the 'major town in Lincolnshire' that I tried ;)