Saturday, 11 April 2009

Pair programming in the rain

It was the usual English Bank Holiday weekend, somewhat cold and rainy which actually didn't bother me too much as I have an OU exam coming up very soon so it's revision time.

I did take a break from the books to listen in on Antony Marcano and Andy Palmer doing some pair programming

I'd watched a couple of their videos and got a Facebook invite to join in with a session they were doing Saturday lunchtime. Had some problems following the screen updates, probably me as it was the first time I've used DimDim but it was an interesting experience to hear pair programming being done live. Never done it myself and been awhile since I've looked at any code so it was nice to simply be an audience member and to listen and learn

Though I was able to add something to the event - the video is available here and about 1:47 in Antony wonders if someone is outside as he can hear birds singing - the pleasures of sitting in a conservatory with your laptop.

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