Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's About Time

A recent blog post on LosTechies ( great name and logo ) was a rant from Joshua Lockwood - "I don't have time to test" - in which he tells how he became test-infected and sees the value in having testable, maintainable code rather than wasting hours and days debugging.

Whilst it is great to read someone acknowledge that

"learning to test adequately is not a trivial task and can sometimes take years to really get right"

and always good to have developers becoming test-infected, should people still be having this revelation and writing about it ? I first came across this phrase when I found Testing Reflections

A quick Google brings up numerous blogs, discussions and articles going back over the years( 2007,2005, 2003 etc etc etc ) as well as other areas apart from s/w development that I never thought about when it comes to testing...

But even getting test-infected devs isn't enough - next they have to learn to deal with the managers who think you don't have time

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