Thursday, 2 April 2009

Fool Me Once

Lots of pranks and jolly japes happening yesterday - some on
Twitter, a not very good one on the Software Testing Club and the entire reddit site which changed it's appearance to resemble Digg

Trouble was, I found the Digg layout style to be horrible and like some other people I didn't know there an option to turn it off so didn't visit it again that day.
Reddit lost my traffic as did sites I might have visited from there

Not that I want to be Mr Party Pooper but I wonder how much thought ( and testing ! ) goes into these pranks to make sure they dont have any serious side effects...

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Andy said...

While I hear your complaint (and I've pretty much skipped all the April Fools' pranks this year), there is hope.

A couple members of our team changed the color scheme of the app in the build for yesterday to this really hideous gold and yellow and brown combination. In the process of doing so, though, the found several bugs in the display code which might not have been found if they hadn't done the prank!